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Invenio metal detector a new device with un-preceded patented technology that scan ground layers and display real shape and size and depth of detected targets on its screen.

Search SystemImaging System
Maximum Depth6 m
Warranty2 Years



Full Description

Invenio is the newest and all-new metal and gold detector

that will revolutionize the world of precious metal detection

and relics thanks to its new patented search technology.

The principle of this technology depends on a special search disk

that scans the area to be searched with a special tracking sensor

mounted on the disk arm in order to give the real shape of the

buried target for such as iron nail, box or coin …

In recent years, significant progress has been made in the field

of metal detector technology in terms of design and features.

but these features have not been able to meet the expectations

of treasure hunters and gold prospectors.

For example, gold prospectors want the device to include features

such as: Know the type of metal target discovered before digging

also need to  know the depth of real targets, and know the shape

of buried targets and dimensions accurately … etc.

Invenio metal detector developed in response to these expectations after many years of tests and research.

so it provides a reliable and efficient system with the first intelligent system in the world to detect buried metals

then displaying a real shape of targets on screen as 3D graphics.




Invenio Features

 Invenio Practical Applications

Invinio gold detector is a versatile device

where you can search and discover different

types of metals for different practical purposes.

such as:

– Find the golden treasures buried underground

in the form of coins or gold jewelry or statues..

– Detect natural gold

– Detection of spaces and ground cavities such as tunnels, graves, basements and tombs.

The machine can be used for a range of practical applications

and for different categories of customers such as:

– Treasure hunters seeking to find ancient treasures.

– Archaeologists and professional prospectors.

– Can be used in the excavation and the detection of pipelines and telephone lines and water extensions in the municipalities

– Detection of crimes and during investigations by the police


6 Search Modes

Invenio has six search modes, three of which are static

and the other three are dynamic.

Static Search Modes

These are search modes without motion of the search coil.

In other words, the device will generate an audio response

even when the search coil position is placed above a certain target

without swinging the coil above the target.

the sound of the audio response increases as the coil approaches the target.

So it is preferable to use static search modes to detect

relatively large and deeper metal targets.

Static search modes include three modes:

  1. Basic
  2. Expert
  3. Ground Anomaly & Cavity
Dynamic Search Modes

They are the search modes with the motion of the search coil.

In selecting these modes, the search disk must be moved and swing above the ground,

so that the buried targets can be discovered.

If the coil is not moved, the device will not produce any sound response

even if the disc is above the metallic target.

It is recommended to use these modes to search for

relatively small targets such as coins, rings and small ornaments.

Invenio has three dynamic search modes:

1 – All Metal

2 – Fast

3 – Deep



 IPTU Sensor (Integrated Positional Tracking Unit)

With the built-in sensors, the IPTU Sensor calculates

forward, backward, and right-left movement of the search coil accurately

also a positioning and altitude (high) above the ground.

Using this module, the user can trace the starting and ending points

of the scanned area by the coil and locate the targets detected within this area.

It can also determine the width and length of the scanned area

as well as the depth of the buried object as well as its shape and exact dimensions.



 Great Metal Discrimination & Unmasking

When the user use one of previous search modes and after performing of the scan

then the device display a 3D graph that display a real shape of the buried target ,

and the buried target is represented in specific color ,

if it is non-ferrous metal like gold it displayed in yellow shade

and if the metal is ferrous metal its color is red or alike ,

therefore this metal discrimination ability is an important feature for

the prospector to find valuable objects only and ignoring trash .

 High Performance

Invenio gold detector can detect the deepest treasures of gold, jewels,

artifacts, etc., which no other device can find or detect and at big depths also.

 Wireless Connection

Communication and data transfer between the system box of Invenio device

and the coil unit is done wireless using Wi-Fi technology.

In addition, users who do not prefer wired headphones can

purchase optional 2.4 GHz wireless headphones so it can hear target signals.

 Online Firmware Update

Updates for device software program can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website

then it can be updated by connecting the USB cable attached to the device

and downloading updates to the device by using a computer.


The device features a vibration feature. When activated,

the device will vibrate when a target is detected, a key feature for hearing

impaired users when searching in areas with high noise and sounds.

 Save Scan Data

The user can save all three-dimensional graphics and screen shots

resulted from the ground scanning and transfer it to his computer

so it can get  better preview and more detailed analysis.

Front LED Flashlight and Screen back light

The device has a LED flashlight used to search in the dark,

and the screen has a back light.

so user can see the results of the scan even in the dark

Package Contents

Standard Package Contents

1 – System Box

2 – Shaft & Handle

3 – IPTU Sensor

4 – INV40 Search Coil

5 – INV28 Search Coil

6 – System Box Carrying Case

7 – Headphones

8 – AC Charger

9 – Car Charger

10 – USB Cable

11 – IPTU Carrying Bag

12 – Protective Covers

13 – Coil Mounting Hardware

14 – Carrying Belt

15 – Carrying Bag


Pro Package Contents

1 – System Box

2 – Shaft & Handle

3 – IPTU Sensor

4 – INV40 Search Coil

5 – INV56 Search Coil

6 – INV28 Search Coil

7 – Headphones

8 – System Box Carrying Case

9 – Spare 9500mAh LiPo Battery

10 – AC Charger

11 – Car Charger

12 – USB Cable

13 – Harness/Carrying Belt/Bungee Cord

14 – Coil Mounting Hardware

15 – Protective Covers

16 – IPTU Carrying Bag

17 – INV56 Carrying Bag

18 – Carrying Bag



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