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Geo Seeker is a professional groundwater detector device with reliable geo-electrical system , so it is most powerful German technology from OKM.

Search SystemGeoPhysical
Maximum Depth250 m
Warranty2 Years



Full Description

GeoSeeker is a professional groundwater detector device

with reliable geo-electrical system with most powerful

German technology from OKM.

GeoSeeker uses advanced geo- electrical system to find groundwater deposits

and hidden cavities underground also , as it detect water by measuring ground resistivity.

then visualize the scan data as 3D graphics on bundled Tablet PC.

By using installed 3D analysis software the user of device

can locate underground water deposits,

also a water-bearing gravel and groundwater level easily

and know full details such as depth and position .

GeoSeeker is versatile device also, as it can be used as water detector device

and as cavity detector also at the same time to find tunnels, chambers and so on.


GeoSeeker Features

– Scan Modes

The user of the device can control all components

by using installed software application on bundled Android Tablet PC,

because  the connection between the device hardware

and tablet done by Wi-Fi , as it can communicate with each other,

either to send commands to hardware components or to transfer

scanned data from device to tablet then display it in software.

GeoSeeker water finder can operate in 3 supported scan modes (selectable in software app)

1 – Active Scan (Accurate)

When using this scan mode the GeoSeeker utilizes two electrodes

to inject electrical power into the underground soil.

Two additional electrodes are measuring the potential difference (fall of voltage)

at specific scan points to calculate the final resistivity value.

The user can so define the depth range (between 5 to 250 meter)

that he is going to conduct his measurement.

This scan mode is best suitable for detecting of underground water

deposits or hidden caves also

2 – Active Scan (Quick)

This scan mode is a quick version of the accurate scan.

It is also inject electrical current into the underground

and measuring the potential difference (fall of voltage)

to calculate the resistance of the soil.

So this scan mode is best suitable for quick detection

of underground water deposits.

3 – Passive Scan

When using this scan mode the device uses two electrodes

only to read the natural occurring voltage of the underground

but with no electrical power is injected into the underground

So this mode is used to detect underground flowing water only.

– Tablet PC and 3D Analysis Software

GeoSeeker device is bundled with modern Tablet PC with Android operating system,

also the tablet comes with pre-installed software that controls hardware components of

the device and used to receive scanned data and display it as 3D graphics.

The software application provides also a simple step-by-step instructions

to assist user in completing the measurement.

He simply follows these pictured instructions until finishing of measurement.

Then after completing the measurement a graphical 3d representation of the measure values

is created and then displayed on the screen of Tablet PC.

The user then can use  color adjustment options provided by the application

to optimize the graphical 3d visualization of underground water deposits,

so for example a water-bearing gravel and groundwater level (shown in bluish colors)

as well as cavities, caves, tunnels, chambers or impervious layers (shown in reddish colors).

Package Contents

The GeoSeeker’s hardware is built-in into a waterproof and

shock-resistance case, also the package of the device includes following components:

– Main Controller of the device

– Charger for Controller

– 4 Electrodes that injected into the ground

–  Voltage Cable Drum x 2 (120 mm diameter)

– Power Cable Drum x 2(290 mm diameter)

–  Extension Cable x 2 (2 m)

– Android Tablet PC

– Holder for Tablet PC

– Power box and charger

– Power Pack including charger and travel adapter

– 8 AA batteries

– User’s manual


Geo Seeker

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